Guide to the Best Cafes in Venice


Exploring Venice's Cafe Scene

Venice, known for its stunning canals and historic landmarks, is also home to a vibrant cafe culture that shouldn't be missed. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot for a morning cappuccino or a bustling cafe to people-watch, Venice has something for everyone.

Top Cafes to Visit

1. Florian: Located in the iconic St. Mark's Square, Caffe Florian is one of the oldest cafes in the world. Known for its elegant interiors and live music, this historic cafe is a must-visit for anyone in Venice.

2. Cafe Lavena: Another cafe situated in St. Mark's Square, Cafe Lavena offers a more relaxed atmosphere with outdoor seating overlooking the bustling square. Enjoy a delicious espresso while taking in the sights and sounds of Venice.

3. Rosso Caffe: For a more modern take on Venetian coffee culture, head to Rosso Caffe. This trendy cafe serves up a variety of specialty coffees and pastries, perfect for a quick pick-me-up during your sightseeing adventures.

Tips for Visiting Cafes in Venice

1. Be prepared to pay a 'cover charge' at many cafes in Venice, which is a common practice in Italy. This charge typically includes the cost of sitting and enjoying your coffee in the cafe.

2. Remember to follow local customs when ordering coffee in Venice. For example, it's best to order a cappuccino in the morning and an espresso in the afternoon or evening.

3. Take your time and savor your coffee experience in Venice. Cafes are not just places to grab a quick drink, but are social hubs where locals and tourists alike gather to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

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